I have been a keen SW Listener for many years and have often listened to the ham bands and have been "meaning" to get my license for perhaps 30 years. Anyway, recent changes to the rules here in Australia doing away with the need to pass a CW exam, was the incentive for me to finaly (after all these years) to get my ticket. I obtained my license on 23 December 2003, which is also my birthday. Nice birthday present. I have been quite active since obtaining my license and can be heard mostly on 40M in the evening sydney time.

I am a keen homebrewer, tinkerer and model engineer. My main interests are computers, Amateur radio (particularly antennas for restricted spaces), family etc. I am a member of the HADARC radio club and often write technical articles for the club magazine.

Most of My career has been in the computer industry. I have a wife and two kids. A girl at University and a boy at high school. I live in the northern suburbs of Sydney. This is a hilly area with lots of trees. I live on a normal small suburban block of land.